Latest Recipes

One of my classic recipes, that never fails! The combination of carrot and ginger is just divine - and has a strengthening effect on your immune system.

Last year I started to experiment with gluten and dairy free baking... These Brownies are a result of a lot of testing - moist and yummy!

 This recipe was inspired by the GOOP webpage, where they have presented a roasted tomato vinaigrette some time ago. I changed the preparation and ingredients a bit to make this lovely and versatile dip.

Millet is one of the basic grains I use - it is gluten free, inexpensive and can be easily combined with all kind of ingredients. It is the perfect match for kohlrabi, but you can try to fill any other vegetable with it as well. 

Eggplant and tomatoes are just a terrific combination - especially if they are left to stew together in the oven. Together with the crunchy potato chips this is a tasty party starter which can easily be prepared ahead.

I love curries in nearly all varieties. This one is back from the time, when I started to invent my own recipes - easy to make with a touch of Thailand...