The other night we went to a lovely libanese restaurant in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and I had the best Baba Ganoush ever... So home in my kitchen, I started to do my own version, which I found to be very close to the one I tried in the restaurant.

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This basic broth is one of my feel-good recipes for cold days and/or mood swings. Based on ancient Chinese medicine it strengthens the immune system and the kidneys, and thus vitality.

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Coconut milk and fresh green asparagus make this curry so special - a good way to use up leftover rice from the day before...

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 Full of nutrient-rich ingredients and absolutely no gluten, yeast or animal product – this is a real health booster... and on top it tastes soooo good...

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Physalis are full of vitamins and minerals and have a lovely sour-sweet taste if ripened. Thus, they make a beautiful base for my Tropical Jam...

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We looooove hummus  - in every possible way! So when I found this genius recipe on the internet on food52, I immediately started to make my own version and the result was absolutely great!

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 As I love the typical English Shepard´s Pie topping with mashed potato, I just combined it with a healthy and yummy nutbase  and spinach avocado spread (thank you, Jamie Oliver for the inspiration;-)

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We have a lot of South American influences in the Tenerife kitchen. This is how I came to know and use sweet potatoes... These delicious chips are one of my favourites and a lovely side dish for barbecues, Burger or just a salad.

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Artichokes did not necessarily belong to my families favourites – especially the pickled artichokes from the can are no pleasure to eat at all for us. But since we started growing fresh artichokes in our garden, I began to experiment... and this recipe is just soooo delicious!

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I invented this yummy snack to satisfy sweet cravings when on a diet or cleanse – very little calories and really healthy ingredients.

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