The original recipe is from my mother, who used to make this lovely sweet bread on special occasions like Easter or for a Sunday brunch... by the way: This post is for you, Lara;-)

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 I found the base for this great recipe on the american website FOOD52 and adapted it to my personal taste reducing sugar and fats and introducing whole spelt flour instead of white wheat flour. The cake is moist and rich and has a lovely crunch at the same time.

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I love to combine this jelly with some fresh local goat cheese here from Tenerife or with traditional scones and clotted cream...

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I love curries in nearly all varieties. This one is back from the time, when I started to invent my own recipes - easy to make with a touch of Thailand...

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Home made spelt tortillas with guacamole, veggies and chicken - lovely food for the whole family!

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Our whole family loves the Arabian cuisine and especially those crispy falafel that go with all kind of side dishes.

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We love curries - especially when it is getting colder outside. Here comes another of our families favorite vegan versions – this time very mild and with a touch of roasted vegetables.

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This recipe is very similar to the Chicken Curry Avoca style – but instead of chicken I have used sweet potato and carrot to make a lovely vegan curry.

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This recipe was inspired by a trip to Dublin, where I tried something similar at the famous Avoca Café...

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A Spanish omelette with no eggs? How is that supposed to taste? Absolutely fantastic!! This is one of our new family favorites. The chickpea flour not only provides a nice taste, but also a good amount of healthy proteins.

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